Let users know about important app updates

On April 13 2018, during an important promotion period, our partner discovered a critical bug within the live application. Despite releasing an immediate hotfix, the issue remained partly unresolved, because several users already downloaded the previous application version and were not aware about the update available.

SPNS enables creating user segments by determining different tags, which is also applicable to application versions. Therefore, the opportunity was present to send out an immediate notification to all users having the incorrect app version on their devices, sharing the link with the download link for the hotfix.

The issue from one hand required instant resolution, while on the other hand, only a certain group of users were in focus of this message. It is crucial to keep such messages relevant, because fresh downloaders shall definitely not turn doubtful about the app after hearing about hotfix news right in the first minutes. Combining the rapid speed and flexible addressing options of SPNS, 10.000 users were targeted and were reached within a second to download the new application version from the stores.

We are happy that we could help in decreasing business loss due to this application error, whilst users of the app found a helping hend with the hotfix thanks to SPNS.

Combined segmentation options of SPNS lets you build custom audiences, which can be targeted with regular or ad-hoc messages any time. Learn more about your audience using SPNS statistics and become an expert of your users!