Notify your entire user base real-time

On April 28 2018, Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) experienced serious power outage, due to which dozens of flights were cancelled. Airport administration decided to prevent chaos by permanently locking the airport traffic: airport check-in systems were out of order, which led to an enormous crowd gathering at the check-in points. ‘In order to guarantee the safety of passengers in the terminal, the airport has decided, together with the competent authorities, to close the roads to the airport and stop the train traffic until further notice’, Schiphol reported on its website.

SPNS was one of the many communication tools to notify airport passengers about the incident. Over 700.000 application users were notified within 23 seconds, from which some 50% opened the notification. Thus, SPNS played a significant role in helping passengers heading to Schiphol to stay up-to-date about the latest news, while also contributed to the issue management led by the mentioned authorities by forwarding an important message.

SPNS is a powerful communication tool when real-time notification is required. Send breaking news messages to your application users or website visitors!

Should they know about an emergency situation (earthquake), relevant news (road closure), hot topics (FIFA World Cup final results) or other priority content, don’t keep them waiting!